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Remembering the Preacher: A Vigil of Sermons

A Vigil of Sermons
Remembering the Preacher
Sermons of Martin Luther King

April 4, 2018 marks 50 years since the death of Martin Luther King. Like other saints of the church, the Episcopal Church commemorates him on the day of his death, when he was reborn to life with God. 

To allow his voice to speak again, on Wednesday, April 4, St. Thomas will begin reading some of his sermons at 4 pm. His sermons and the scriptures in his sermons will function as the liturgy of the word. It will conclude with a litany by Dr. King, followed by Eucharist. The service will end just after 6 pm, which is the time when he died. Join St. Thomas whenever you can arrive after work or school - it is fine to enter in the middle of the readings. This vigil and Eucharist will serve as our Wednesday evening service on April 4.