Seeking Infusion Director

Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministry seeks a part-time Director for the Infusion youth leadership program.  The Director develops the year-round program and service activities, interviews and selects fifteen diverse high school teens, and works with a team of advisers in focusing on the Servant Leadership model.

An ideal candidate will hold a college degree, have experience and a passion for working with teenagers, and have experience in community service and social justice issues.

Position is available August 1.

Send letter of interest and resume to CVEM Infusion, P. O. Box 5811, Columbus, GA 31906 OR call Vicky Partin at 706-327-0400.

Job Description

Program Description:

Infusion was founded in 2005 by the Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministry to engage high school teens from diverse backgrounds in study, reflection and direct interaction around social justice issues.  Using servant leadership characteristics, the teens interact with community, decide each year’s theme (focus), examine the beliefs of various religions, and implement strategies for service.

Infusion accepts 15 high school students each year into this nine-month program.  The application process includes written references and a personal interview.  Infusion provides service hour credits approved by the local schools. The program is free of charge to the students.

Director attributes considered very important to Infusion:

  • Understanding that Infusion is sponsored by an Episcopal organization which will encourage the spiritual development in the young people
  • Recognition that CVEM is a social ministry working to improve the lives of underserved people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or religious belief
  • Keen interest in developing assets in young people, using Servant Leadership as means to empower and transform
  • Creativity in developing collaborative partners to provide education and hands-on experiences around various social issues
  • Holding a college degree or being a candidate in Servant Leadership and preferably with experience working with teenagers
  • Showing passion for impoverished and otherwise at-risk populations

Director’s Duties:

  • Developing the program year-round, using an average of 10-12 hours weekly
  • Designing the application and parental forms, curriculum, measuring tools, and evaluations
  • Recruiting high school teens, using other CVEM programs, Episcopal parishes, local congregations, and public and private schools
  • Interviewing and selecting participants
  • Building relationships with the teens, modeling servant leadership
  • Developing contacts and partners to provide religious perspectives, in-depth studies of various social issues, hands-on projects that engage with those in need, and opportunities for personal growth
  • Working with an Infusion advisory committee
  • Assisting with the development of a mentor pool for the teens
  • Organizing a fall fundraiser with the new class to provide teen bonding and funding for the year’s program
  • Keeping records of committee work and finances
  • Reporting to the Executive Director or designated supervisor on a regular basis

Program Activities:

  • Monthly meetings at the CVEM House
  • Fall Retreat
  • Fall fundraiser designed by teens
  • Community theme enhancement activities
  • Partnership with Path to Shine at Boxwood Recreation Center
  • Spring service trip
  • End-of-year celebration dinner with families