Meet Tabitha, the designer behind our new brand

It takes a lot of people to go through a rebranding process, as it should! It's important to have plenty of input when choosing how you want your organization to be viewed by the public, especially after 30 plus years of the same look.

We are so proud to unveil our new logo, which is just a piece of a much bigger effort to tell the CVEM story and cast the vision much, much wider. 

And while there were many behind the scenes working to make this happen, we definitely owe a lot to our wonderful graphic designer, Tabitha Mixon. Tabitha was a student in one of Troy University's senior level design courses and competed with her classmates in our branding project.

Her work is beautiful! We hope you think so, too. Enough talking on our part,'s a little about our fabulous graphic designer:

Tabitha is a recent Troy University (the one in Troy, Alabama) graduate from Ashford, Alabama. Her degree is in graphic design. 

"I've always been on the creative side but not really 'artisitc.' I thought design would be a good option for me," she said. 

The work she did for CVEM, which included a logo design and a graphics standards manual, was her first complete branding project. 

"I saw CVEM as an exciting challenge.Tthe organization has such a colorful variety of programs that make up a diverse group that just wasn't being presented as such. So I wanted to see how I could change that," she said.