Register for 'Hearts to Serve'

Representatives of outreach ministries in the Convocation are invited to attend the “Hearts to Serve” conference Saturday, Sept. 13. The one-day event is a Diocesan Community Ministry Conference featuring conversations on effective ways for Christians to serve the underserved.

The gathering will be at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church in northeast Atlanta and is unusual because it zeros in on one of the most important aspects of living the life of a Christian. Hearts to Serve is hosted by the Diocese of Atlanta Community Ministries Collaborative, a year-old group of ministry leaders that has been examining ways churches and agencies in middle and north Georgia can best address the needs of the hungry, the poor and the infirm through advocacy, fundraising and careful reflection. 

CVEM Lay Missioner Vicky Partin is chairing the event.

Bishop Bob Wright is expected to set the tone for the day by talking about “the power of shared purpose.” And the Rev. Mark Stevenson, domestic poverty missioner for The Episcopal Church who organized assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, will talk about outreach throughout the church and especially through the Jubilee Ministries Network. 

“This day will be important for clergy and laity alike,” Vicky said. “This is for vestry members, deacons, youth leaders and teens, and for outreach ministry directors and volunteers.” According to Deacon Arthur Villarreal of Macon, “You’ll hear from outstanding speakers and also be able to inspire and inform others with what you do.”

To register, click here. The registration fee is $20 and covers snacks and lunch. 

Participants are requested to bring a treasure for a Yard Sale and Silent Auction to support St. Bede’s October fundraiser.

For more information, contact Vicky at