Give 10. Are you in?

Allow us to speak to you directly: We are asking you to give $10 to a program that perhaps isn't the most well-known in the Chattahoochee Valley. In some ways, it's one of those "best kept secrets."

The thing is Direct Service, a program of the Chattahoochee Valley Episcopal Ministry, is too important to keep quiet about and that's why we are reaching out to you. First, let us give you the run-down on just what Direct Service is (and a little about what it's not):

Three mornings a week, faithful volunteers meet with people in various walks of life in one-on-one appointments. In these 30 minute slots, we listen as folks tell us their stories and assess how we can help.

Sometimes those stories are like Jane's (we've changed her name), who had been participating in Circles in Columbus, a program designed to help community members work their way out of poverty. She was well on her way with a new job at Aflac, but the problem was she didn't have any professional clothes to wear. That's where Direct Service came in and was able to help her find a wardrobe to get her started.

These are things no one else in our area is helping with.

But there are also other stories that are perhaps more common to our area. Stories of single mothers needing help paying their rent; of hard-working folks needing help paying for a car repair so they can keep on getting to their jobs; families whose homes suffered water damage and need new furniture.

These are things others in our area help with, but Direct Service does it in a different way.

The thing is we don't offer tons of money to each person that walks through our door--and frankly we don't want to. What we offer is something more valuable than a dollar--relationship.

Yes, we give a hand-up to people in their times of crisis, but our hope is always to keep the relationship going--to be advocates to their journey out of poverty. Sometimes that means helping them find other resources who can do more. Sometimes that is helping them find a way to further their education.

We want to be a hand-up when folks are in trouble, but we want to also change lives.

That's where you come in.

Will you give $10 to support Direct Service on Nov. 17? That day is Georgia Gives Day, the state's day of giving to nonprofits, and while good causes across the state are getting much-deserved attention, we want to bring some awareness to this one.

You can find out more about our program & make a donation on our Georgia Gives Day site HERE. 

Thank you for your support!