Infusion kicks off!

Check out our fabulous new group of Infusion students! 

The year officially kicked off Sept. 10 at the opening retreat, a yearly tradition. 

Since 2006, CVEM has engaged high school students in a 9-month program developing servant leaders through in-depth study of relevant social justice issues, community engagement and spiritual reflection. The program recruits students from different high schools and faith traditions. 
Every year Infusion chooses a central theme to focus on (last year’s theme was homelessness) and students will choose this year’s theme together. 
Most of what guides Infusion’s schedule for the year centers on the theme, but there are some activities that are mainstays. Infusion will continue working with Path to Shine, a tutorial program in the Boxwood community, where they also host a Christmas party. In addition, the youth will continue serving at Trinity’s community breakfast.  
Malinda Shamburger, who is leading Infusion during the search for a permanent program director, has been part of Infusion since its beginning. 
“My daughter was part of the first class in 2006. I believe in Infusion’s mission, and I have seen with my own eyes what Infusion produces. Our graduates are out in the world changing lives and making a difference,” she said.