Helping Mrs. M

"I came in for help with my mortgage and left with so much more!"

These were the words of Mrs. M, a woman who recently came to one of CVEM's Direct Service appointments.

Mrs. M, 42, is married, employed and has children excelling academically and athletically. She is a hard-working middle class woman whose family has just fallen temporarily behind.

We were able to assist Mrs. M with $100 toward her mortgage, an amount that was just enough when combined with her family's own hard-earned money to make their payment. But also like many of our clients, the nature of our one-on-one appointments provided an opportunity to help Mrs. M in many other areas of her life.

Kristie Sholtis, one of our long-time volunteers, spoke with Mrs. M about her career and found out she had a potential advancement opportunity at the department store in which she works; she asked Kristie to review her resume and cover letter. Kristie was able to provide feedback and help Mrs. M tweak her resume, enabling her to leave CVEM that day with the professional tools she need to go after her promotion.

Kristie was  also able to advise her on making some changes to their homeowners insurance that could save them money month to month and refer her to NeighborWorks Columbus for resources that may help in reduce their housing costs. 

"This particular experience shows what potential CVEM has to really get to know those we serve," said Kristie. "Bottom line, we are able to help our clients see beyond their current emergency and find ways to avoid (hardship) down the road. Our assistance is the safety net they needed in the moment."

The thing is, this type of experience isn't uncommon to see in CVEM Direct Service. Many of our  neighbors in the Chattahoochee Valley who come here are just like you and me--folks working hard to care for their families and for brighter futures. That's why Direct Service at CVEM exists--to be part of the safety net for our neighbors with limited or no resources of support in times of trouble. 

We help folks bridge these times by assisting with basic needs--help paying rent/mortgage, maintaining transportation to work, continuing their education and job training skills, paying for medical needs and obtaining necessary household furnishings.The structure of CVEM's Direct Service is unique in that we are able to spend time getting beyond the surface with our clients during their appointments. Like Mrs. M, they often leave with so much more.

We need you to help get the word out about CVEM Direct Service. By doing so, you will be directly affecting change for many of your neighbors in the community.

This year Georgia Gives Day, the state's day of giving to nonprofits, is combined with Giving Tuesday--November 28. It's a day where  good causes across the state are getting much-deserved attention, and we want to bring some awareness to this one, CVEM's Direct Service.

You can head right HERE to donate (you don't have to wait until Nov. 28!)

Mrs. M--and the more than 820 children & adults we've served so far this year--are counting on you. This is your chance to make a big difference for folks--just like you--working hard to make themselves and our communities better. After all, this is what good neighbors do.