rev. mark stevenson

Breakfast at CVEM!

We would like to invite you to a breakfast Friday morning at CVEM with The Rev. Canon Mark Stevenson, the Episcopal Church's Domestic Poverty Missioner. 

The breakfast will be at 8:30 a.m.

Mark was appointed Domestic Poverty Missioner last August. Based in Dallas, Texas, he is affiliated with the Office of Government Relations in DC, which includes Jubilee Ministries and The Episcopal Church advocacy networks. 

Mark has spent this past year touring Dioceses and Jubilee Centers and developing the DC relationships. He is no stranger to the south, having lived in Savannah, Memphis and New Orleans. 

The Diocese of Louisiana is his home base, where he coordinated response to Hurricane Katrina.

Mark will be a guest speaker at the Hearts to Serve conference at St. Bede's on Sept. 13. (Don't forget to register!)

To join CVEM for breakfast with Mark on Sept. 12 call the office at 706.327.0400. Hope you can join us!