TAP is a week-long summer program for 60 children ages six through twelve held in Columbus and LaGrange (called Troup TAP). Children are recruited from different religious and cultural backgrounds and unified by their experiences of the arts throughout the week.  Each session, they all work together to create a “Unity Piece,” one communal work of art which is then permanently displayed in the community.  TAP Unity Pieces may be found hanging from the rotunda in the Columbus Public Library (a huge mobile) and standing tall on the corner of Broadway and 12th Street in Uptown Columbus (a Peace Tree sculpture) to name a few. In LaGrange a Peace Tree stands in the garden of the Public Library and another on the Day School wall at St. Mark's.

Youth are trained to serve as Teen Interns and Mentors.  During the week preceding the program, these teens from diverse backgrounds get to know and trust each other, engage the year’s theme, and learn to be program leaders.  These teenagers truly are mentors; they are taught to live into positions of leadership and responsibility, accountable to their teammates and their group of children.  They shepherd them throughout the rotations, help and guide them, and assist the adult volunteers.  The children bond with and emulate these young leaders; the youth grow and flourish with this responsibility.

Want to participate in TAP 2015? Here's more the themes for both locations:

Columbus TAP - 20 Years of TAP: Teaching Tolerance

For twenty years, TAP has used the visual and performing arts to teach children about religious, racial and cultural diversity. For twenty years, TAP has asked, “How can we make the world a more peaceful place?” For twenty years, children who attend TAP have discovered a profound understanding of the value of their own unique self and the uniqueness of others. Come 
celebrate twenty years of TAP!

Troup TAP - Shine On: Be the One to Stand Out From the Crowd

At Troup TAP 2015, we’ll explore and celebrate what it means to Be the One to Stand Out from the Crowd.  We’ll conquer peer pressure with individuality; discrimination with compassion; self-doubt with confidence; hate with love; bullying with friendship. Come and Shine On with us! 

Want to TAP with us? Call 706.327.0400 or e-mail info@cvemjubilee.org for an application. There are limited spots available for each program, so applications will be taken until filled.