The Chattahoochee Valley Is:


THE TEENAGE Jewish boy whose faith becomes stronger as he interacts with peers who are different and strives for social justice.


THE CHILDREN who create together, learn about other cultures and celebrate diversity in a unifying way during their summer vacation.


THE WOMAN who is a survivor of incest but who refuses to hide in the shadows, who finds support in like-minded women and provides support for other victims.




True social change happens when people with differences come together to learn, share ideas and support one another. We empower people in these ways. Specifically, we use education with two programs for youth, TAP and Infusion, and one for survivors of incest, Shedding Our Secrets.


At the hearts of what we do on a daily basis is direct service to those in need. Through daily appointments, volunteers and staff work to meet individual, immediate needs. These one-on-one sessions also allow time to discuss and begin brainstorming long-term plans toward self-sufficiency.


All that we do would not be possible without others in our community. We partner not only with servant-filled people in 8 area Episcopal Churches, but also with several area agencies to advocate for real social justice and create impacts that last. We also offer several resources year-round to those we serve.


CVEM could not care for community without you! Whether you are looking to volunteer directly with those in need, work behind the scenes on an occasional basis, or somewhere in between, there is a place for you in our ministry. Click to find out more about our Volunteer opportunities. 

We also can't accomplish what we do without the financial support of our generous donors. If you'd like to find out more about our fundraisers or just show your support, visit our Give page.

Lastly, we'd love for you to just stay connected with us! Read our Lately page and find out what's going on around here!